Rubber Gaskets / Rubber Seals


Rubber Manufacturing Services can produce a range of gaskets and seals to suit most applications including:

  • Rubber gaskets
  • Plastic gaskets 
  • Rubber seals
  • Plastic seals

If we don’t already have the appropriate rubber gasket or rubber seal cutting form in our vast range to suit your particular requirements, we can have a new one made up to your exact dimensions and specifications.

All gasket and seal cutting formes are CAD generated (using either modem/email files/self programmed files) ensuring high accuracy.

By using these purpose made cutters in conjunction with any one of our five hydraulic swing beam presses we can stamp out rubber gaskets and plastic gaskets, rubber seals and components in just about any shape and in whatever quantities you or your customer may require.

We can also use these same presses along with all steel punches to stamp holes in up to 2 inch thick rubber.

Please feel free to either call us on 01270 767717 or email us with your requirements and if possible submit a technical drawing, we can then provide you with a quote to produce the required items and if necessary a cost for the necessary tooling.

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